The annual meeting of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists (ASI 2019)

The 6th Annual Conference of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists was held in Banda Aceh, Aceh Province, Indonesia on 19–20 June. It was held in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Fisheries, Aquatic and Environmental Sciences and emphasized the goal of advancing marine, fisheries, and environmental research. This collaboration provided many opportunities to scientists and students in the disciplines of ichthyology, fisheries, aquatic, and environmental sciences to participate, learn about fishes and aquatic environments, and develop collaborations. Over 200 participants attended the conference, which included oral presentations and posters and a fieldtrip on the final day.

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The ASI was formed in February 2014 in Penang, Malaysia, at the Asian Fish Biodiversity Conference. Subsequent meetings were held in 2015 in Guilin, China, in 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan,  in 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 2018  in Nanning, China and in 2019 in Aceh, Indonesia.

The 7th conference will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in December 2020. Exact dates will be announced later. Please watch this website for more information.
ASI President for 2019, Professor Dr. Muchlisin Zainal Abidin
Faculty of Marine and Fisheries, Syiah Kuala University

ASI Secretary, Larry M. Page, Ph.D.
Florida Museum of Natural History