2016 Meeting of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists


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A joint annual meeting of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists (ASI) and the Ichthyological society of Taiwan will be held in Taipei on 18-21 May 2016. The ASI was established in 2014 in Penang, Malaysia. Its objectives are promoting the development and advancement of ichthyological research for Asian ichthyologists and others from the World. The conference forthcoming will be the third annual meeting of the ASI since the society established. The two previous ones and its joint conference (Asian Fish Biodiversity Conference) have been held in Guilin, China and Penang, Malaysia, respectively with great success. In the next conference in Taipei, we will continue to provide a platform for the participants to present their latest findings, and exchange their scientific experiences with other researchers from different countries in the field of ichthyology of the region including taxonomy, phylogenetics, evolution, ecology, behavior, physiology, conservation, fisheries management, and others.

The meeting registration and the submission of oral/poster presentations will start from December 2015. We are planning to organize one or more special symposia for the meeting. You are welcome to propose one.

Date: 18-21 May 2016

Locality: Taipei Nangung Exhibition Center (台北南港展覽館)

Asian Society of Ichthyologists
Ichthyological society of Taiwan
Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University

Wei-Jen Chen, Associate Professor, Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University
Ichthyological society of Taiwan